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"Smoky Grass Station"

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Look, we professionally scare people for a living. You take your health into your own hands if you have a health condition, such as a bad heart. You are also the ones who have to deal with your kids sleeping in your bed for the next several months if you bring them or let them attend. I'm just sayin......


This notices serves you as a warning that you are entering AT YOUR OWN RISK.


By entering this business, you acknowledge that we are not aware of any health risks that you may have. This is an extreme haunt that may affect some health disorders,  with actions such as sudden frights, extreme darkness, strobe lights, fog, loud noises, sudden movements, etc. Please plan accordingly.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parental guardian.

Also, LIGHTERS WILL BE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. No smoking will be allowed. NEVER, under any circumstance use a lighter for a source of light. If you violate this policy, you will required to leave without refund.

Please be respectful of our actors and other guests. You may not touch the actors and they are not allowed to intentionally touch you. No eating or drinking inside the haunt at any time. Additionally, no running or touching props. No video or flash photography will be allowed inside the haunt. If you exhibit these behaviors or behavior that offends employees or guests, you will be asked to leave, without refund.

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Entrance is free with minimum purchase of $10 in the store.

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We will be open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October, beginning October 7th.

Thursday: 2pm-10pm

Friday: 2pm-11pm

Saturday: 10am-11pm

Sunday: 2pm-7pm

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Admission with $10 purchase "in store"

No lighters allowed in Haunt

No cell phone usage in Haunt

No running in Haunt

No touching props or actors

We are not responsible for lost items

There will be strobe lights