Bought to you by the
"Smoky Grass Station"

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We are Gatlinburg's newest haunt and we have big plans and even bigger scares. We will be running this through Halloween and look forward to you visiting our Smoke Shop to check out what we have put together to frighten the daylights out of you. We were originally going to do a maze, but unfortunately, we caught one of our employees, hooded, drawing pentagrams on the floors, on the ceilings, and on the walls. Candlelit, we noticed the dark emanating from his hooded cloak, hiding the depravity and evil, lining his face, his eyes black as coal. As we approached him, we suddenly noticed others, in the room, cloaked as well. A darkness surrounding them, their eyes the only source of light. Is there such a thing as dark light?? 

Typing this... evidence that we got away, our security team reassures us that they are gone... or are they? We have noticed burnt candles, pools of wax, signs of dried blood... A sense of foreboding in the air. Is it safe for us to open the doors to the public, to our customers, to their families. The season is upon us, are you ready to find out?

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Entrance is free with minimum purchase of $10 in the store.

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We will be open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October, beginning October 7th.

Thursday: 2pm-10pm

Friday: 2pm-11pm

Saturday: 10am-11pm

Sunday: 2pm-7pm

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Admission with $10 purchase "in store"

No lighters allowed in Haunt

No cell phone usage in Haunt

No running in Haunt

No touching props or actors

We are not responsible for lost items

There will be strobe lights